Nusa Dua

Is one of the most famous beach of Bali.

The best location for kite surfing is the beach call Geger, just next to the golf course.

Is a very busy beach and there are also few restaurants.

The wind is about the same of Sanur, the lagoon is way smaller but is little bit deeper, can kite with tide at coefficient 0,6.

Water is pretty flat but the wind is really on-shore and there is not much room for many kiters.

Is one of the preferred spot of some local expatriate, beginner are not welcomed as the kite is almost flying on the beach. There was also some problems with local fisherman so please behave in the water and keep far from beach goers.

There is a kitesurfing school/center managed by our good French friend Bernard if you need help to learn or to rent some gear:


On the way to Tanjung Benoa there are others spot that start to be kited, some with good waves! There is nice a down winder to try starting after the Nusa Dua Beach Hotel till the entrance of the port of Benoa.

Be really careful with other water sport goers! Specially jet sky, banana boat and parasailing.