A protective reef creates flat-water cruising conditions inside the lagoon with waves on the reef varying from small to huge.

The channel of Turtle Island is the best spot as the wind here is always a few knots stronger than elsewhere and can ride at low tide.

On the North side after the Grand Bali Beach there is a new spot that we hit with very low tide, we name it black sand beach!

Sanur is where Kitesurfing is born on the island, numerous locals are picking up the sport.

A laid back atmosphere, many small hotels and excellent affordable restaurants make Sanur always a nice place to visit and stay.

The Launch Site


Black Sand Beach

The new spot where to ride in low tide! The wind here get some boost from a thermal and when dead low tide offer some good bump and jump conditions.

UPDATE 2009..... due to continue beach erosion they built a retainer stone wall... Need to be really careful.....

There is a grass area for setting up and deflate your kite.

The water is quite choppy but again is about the best place to ride in the east side of the island at dead low tide.


Pura Mertasari - NEW Kite Beach -- 2009

Friendly renamed by some kite surfer is very convenient for launching in both season as the beach is super wide and no people around. In the wet season the wind is perfect side shore and less gusty then anywhere else. In the dry season the wind is almost side shore as the coast bend slightly and perfect for any kind of exercise. You can drive directly to the beach in the new huge parking, there are small Warungs for eating. This spot is good  from low to high tide. Recommended for beginner!

You can read about the renovation of Kite Beach in News...



Wave Spot in Sanur


WET SEASON - the stretch of beach south of Sanur Beach hotel is the best during this time of the year, inside the lagoon the water is very flat and on the reef the waves are like ramp. Kite Beach rules as it can handle all the westerly directions.

Simzy reef - about 300 meters right of the light tower, you will find this wave very nice to ride specially in the days with wind little bit side off shore. Itís easier  then Blue left as the reef is deeper and the waves smaller.

The peak is pretty far out and the waves holds up quite well, watch out for the big set that close out on all the line, turn and run away!!! Not to good with high tide.  

DRY SEASON - all the coast of Sanur is good during this part of the year with Kite Beach still the best.

Baby reef - a great spot to learn to jump and practice with wave riding. The waves are easy and forgiving also in big days and the reef is mostly covered by sand. Breathtaking the area of flat water between the waves and the light tower, is like a mirror and the speed you can reach here are incredible.

Yo-yo reef - directly opposite to baby reef, providing ideal starboard jumping condition.

Hyatt reef and Oka point - better to kite there when the wind is strong or the waves are small because usually they are three times bigger than Baby and Yo-yo reefs. On big days the waves are like WALLS, leave them alone. Excellent starboard jumping but for experts only. Very strong currents....


GOOGLE EARTH POINTER:  8*42'35.88" South  115*15'35.12" East