Turtle Island

This is a new area created by a late '90 development project. At the moment is a bit difficult to get inside as they are restarting to build.

The only spot where you can go is the Surf Break.

To get there take the By Pass from Kuta toward Sanur and turn on the new double paved road in front of the Makro Supermarket, go always straight until you reach the Warung of the surf spot.


There are 3 different spot to kite:


The Surf break, is where most of the surfer goes in wet season when the westerly wind here are off shore.

For kiting as wind pass over almost desert flat land is still ok. Wind is about 45 degrees off shore and even if gusty is still a great spot for down the line wave kiting. We usually stay on the right side of the main surf break! Too many surfer to get in there.

On Dry season the wind is almost on Shore and nothing special.


The channel, about 1 kilometers wide is between Sanur and Turtle Island, is very deep even with dead low tide, the water is quite flat and the wind here is always a few knots stronger than elsewhere. Be careful the beach is cover of small pieces of coral and there are some wooden stick near the beach that at high tide are covered by water but at low tide are exposed, also watch out for turtles!.



The Lagoon "temporary close", in summer 2008 I was chase away by police!!!!!

Is an inside lagoon in the middle of the area, suppose to be a new marina but there is enough space for kiting, the water is really really flat, the wind is little bit more gusty then in the channel but is an amazing spot to kite, check some of the picks!!!

Be very careful of your belongings because the area is deserted.