This beach was very popular during the wet season with kite surfer but lately everyone prefer to go to Sanur or Tuban..

We had few food session in late October with wind from south west.

The wind is on shore therefore you have to start from the side of the bay that is about 3,5 kilometers wide. Most of the kite surfer launch from the beach on the left of the Intercontinental but you must be very good in go upwind as there is a fastidious shore break. Before I got to kite surfing I try to windsurf in Jimbaran and I think the best spot to launch is the end of the bay near the airport. You drive until the end of the road pass the fishing pier and you will find yourself very close to the airport. Park and then walk were there are no more fishing boat. Here there is no shore break and the wind is more side shore, you will be going out almost in front of the famous surf spot of Airport Right.