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Bali Wing Surfing & Wing Foiling

School & Rental



We rent equipment only under supervision at Cemara Beach Sanur when high tide OR at Mertasari Beach when low tide! The renter need to show competence in the practice of Wing Surfing


FULL SET with normal SUP

One Hour 500.000 rp

Two Hours 800.000 rp


FULL SET with SUP Hydrofoil

One Hour 600.000 rp

Two Hours 1.000.000 rp



One Hour 300.000 rp

Two Hours 500.000 rp



One Hour 200.000 rp

Two Hours 300.000 rp


SUP/WING Foil  & Board

400.000 rp for 1 Hour

600.000 rp for 2 hours


Hydrofoil ONLY Rental

200.000 rp for 1 Hour

300.000 rp for 2 hours


Foil Boards for rental:

Hydro SUP/WING boards:

The GAP 4'8 PRO

The GAP 5'0

The GAP 5'2

The GAP 5'8

425 Pro 6'2

425 Pro 6'8

The GAP 6'9

425 Pro 7'4


Hydrofoil for rental:

Axis S-series 1020

Axis PNG 1010

Axis HA 900

Axis S-series 820

Axis S-series 660



Cabrinha Mantis 4m

Cabrinha Mantis 5m

Cabrinha Mantis 6.2m

Cabrinha CrossWing 7m

425 Pro 5.5m

Ensis Score 4.5m


Very simple policy...

You break it you pay it...

AND you keep it!!!



All sizes of SuperWing V2

& SuperwingX

Brought to you by Bali Stand Up Paddle School

For Reservation or Info E-mail at

or Call/WhatsApp Jankie at

+62 81338235082 after 17:00 as I don't bring the phone to the Beach!!!!!

We are located at Villa Puri Ayu Resort in Sanur,

Jalan Cemara 4B. Just after the Puri Santrian Hotel.



A new sport show up and of course we are the first again to master it. After pioneering Kitesurfing, SUP and Hydrofoils. We are now WINGING in style...

We offer Wing Surf lessons and rental to help you learn this new exhilarating sport. 

As usual we have the best Wings and dedicated SUP board and Hydro foils in Bali.

Wing Surfing is actually very easy and to learn the basic you only need a One Time lesson.

BUT please note that WING FOILING is a total different sport... Is the SUM of the TWO!!!!!!!!!!

You need to be proficient in both Winging and Foiling before attempting to use a WING with a FOIL...


Our staff of professional lifeguard and CPR certified instructors will educate you on the proper techniques.

Plus with our top-of-the-line Wing and  Boards, we guarantee you will be Wing Surfing in no  time.

What you will learn with us:

·  Safety

·  Equipment

·  Practice Wing on the beach

·  Position on the board

·  Winging on your knees

·  Winging standing on the board

·  Safe Wing Riding and awareness

Wing Surfing Beginner Lesson

75 Minutes - 800.000 rp

Learn the basic of Wing Surfing all in one GO!

After a very short overview of the equipment and safety you will learn to control the Wing first on the Beach. Then straight on the water under the supervision of our instructor.

For our first lesson we use a regular SUP boards that is been modified with an extra central Fin.

In no time you will be flying over the water

Our lessons are only PRIVATE One on One.

 Intermediate Wing Surfing Lesson

60 Minutes - 700.000 rp

After you have mastered the basic we can teach you some moves to improve your riding.

We will use our Rescue boat to follow you at all time so that we can always be close and direct you on what to do.

Learn to Jibe, Up Wind, Down Wind and powered up Wing riding in strong wind.

Our lessons are only PRIVATE One on One.

Advance Wing Foiling Lesson

60 Minutes - 900.000 rp

Is now time to move to use an Hydro Foil board and really fly over the water! This is the Ultimate goal about Wing Surfing

We will use our Rescue boat to follow you at all time so that we can always be close and direct you on what to do.

We need strong wind to practice at this level.

Our lessons are only PRIVATE One on One.